We Didn’t Start The Fire


Very early this morning, Mariner’s Landing at Morey’s Piers in Wildwood caught on fire. The victims: Super Scooters and the Seal Flume.

Was this one legit or a “fire of convenience”? We’d guess legit. How much insurance money could the Moreys get for two rides? Or really need? They own every ride on every pier down there — even the Golden Nugget, which they don’t even USE, just keep alive to conjure up memories of folks who knew when an abandoned mine shaft ride was “state of the art.”

Morey\'sRelated: This, however, might have been set on purpose.


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Off the Boardwalk in Atlantic City

Harrah\'s Exterior

Shoretalken is staying at the new Waterfront Tower at Harrah’s in Atlantic City (for work — WE SWEAR). Lessons learned over 24 hours:

1. The best view of the Pool at Harrah’s during the day is from the gym. That way, you can stare at the hot hot wait staff and people who could probably use a mirror, all from behind glass and palm trees.

2. Cover bands aren’t so bad. Last night’s group at Eden was lead by a guy who you know totally drives and van and spends weekends working on his lawn.

3. Always carry a camera. If we took our own advice, this post would have started with a picture of the 80 something couple decked out in matching white pants grinding to said cover band doing their best Marvin Gaye.

4. The Xhibition Bar makes for good Phillies viewing…if you don’t want to hear the game. They put on the NBA finals last night. Whatever, dude.

5. As much as Atlantic City markets itself to younger folk (or at least that’s what they say), the bread and butter of these places is still little old ladies with various shades of blue hair.

6. The Waterfront Buffet is not open every day for breakfast. Dammit.

Shoretalken editor Jen A. Miller will be twittering from tonight’s Brett Michaels event at the Pool at Harrah’s. No, she’s not a Poison fan (at least not that we know of) but going more to see who’s goin to shell out $25 for this. She says, at least.

If you want to follow along, click here.

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Tour Guide: Atlantic City to Longport

Check out editor Jen A. Miller (with world class cheese ball music) giving a tour of Atlantic City to Longport.

It was about 45 degrees when she filmed this segment. Oh, for spring.

Shortalken will be reporting from Harrah’s in Atlantic City on Thursday and Friday, starting with this event and ending with Brett Michaels at the Pool at Harrah’s.

Why? Why not? If you had the chance to see who would pay $20 to see Brett Michaels, wouldn’t you go?

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Happy Birthday, Wildwood Tram Car

On Wednesday, the Wildwood Tram Car turns 60. If you’re in town around 11am, you can meet Floss Stingel, the “Watch the Tram Car” voice. We haven’t been this excited since we met Captain Noah.

Related: A tram car without a tram

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Blackfish Enters (Suddenly Kind Of Awesome) Avalon Resto Scene

Between the ever-popular Sea Grill, the still-newish refurbed Princeton and now Blackfish, Avalon could be the exception that makes the rule for previously red-and-white-tablecloth-and-screaming-children-required Shore restaurants. Blackfish, of course, is already a fave in Cape May, where Chef Charles “Chip” Romanwowheiscute — brought his studies under Georges Perrier and Mark Vetri to fruition. Add to that Blackfish Avalon, which is opening tonight. If the Cape May menu is anything to go by, here are some highlights:

· Agnolotti (meat stuffed pasta dumpling) with toasted butter and sage
· Scallop carpaccio, tomato sorbet, preserved lemon oil, and spring herbs
· Line-caught Dorado, wild rice, young asparagus and curry emulsion
· “Surf and Turf”, seared day boat scallops with glazed beef short ribs and parsnip puree

And not a chicken finger or peeler in the bunch. Dag.
Cape Cuisine: Onefish Twofish Blackfish Whoa Fish

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Wildwood is Not the Next Avalon. Really.

Wildwood boardwalkWildwood’s a quirky place, the kind of shore town that inspires a love-it or hate-it reaction.

No matter what side of the argument you claim, you’ve got to know that Wildwood is not the most upscale town at the Jersey shore (any place that thrives on prom weekend or senior week parties is never going to appeal to the Land Rover crowd). But that didn’t stop investors from believing the gentrification hype, hence the big real estate boom and bust around town (want a cheap Wildwood property? Buy now, and ignore your neighbors).

Red Sky, a wonderful shore restaurant, also bit the bait and got pulled under. They just closed their Wildwood location.

We won’t be surprised if Juan Pablo’s is next. When we walked by the restaurant on Memorial Day Weekend, it looked just like Red Sky: out of place.

When will Wildwood catch up? Right about the same time Camden does: exactly never.

Related: This ain’t exactly the Princeton crowd.

[Photo via DowntheShoreWithJen]


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Public Urination In Seaside Reaches All Time High Over Memorial Day Weekend

Seaside Heights Logo

Over the Memorial Day Weekend, 118 arrests were made in Seaside Heights, 31 of which were for public urination. Police attributed the packed weekend, and moreover packed bathrooms, to beautiful weather and extra watered-down draughts at Bamboo. I know that corner next to the pay phone seemed like a great location to pee, but seriously guys, there is a reason the bar is next to the Ocean, and it’s not for the view…
Do your best to find a stall if you’re heading down this weekend, and for your own safety, don’t stand under any balconies after midnight.
Asbury Park Press: They Pee Freely [via Jersey Shore Party Scene]

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