Wildwood is Not the Next Avalon. Really.

Wildwood boardwalkWildwood’s a quirky place, the kind of shore town that inspires a love-it or hate-it reaction.

No matter what side of the argument you claim, you’ve got to know that Wildwood is not the most upscale town at the Jersey shore (any place that thrives on prom weekend or senior week parties is never going to appeal to the Land Rover crowd). But that didn’t stop investors from believing the gentrification hype, hence the big real estate boom and bust around town (want a cheap Wildwood property? Buy now, and ignore your neighbors).

Red Sky, a wonderful shore restaurant, also bit the bait and got pulled under. They just closed their Wildwood location.

We won’t be surprised if Juan Pablo’s is next. When we walked by the restaurant on Memorial Day Weekend, it looked just like Red Sky: out of place.

When will Wildwood catch up? Right about the same time Camden does: exactly never.

Related: This ain’t exactly the Princeton crowd.

[Photo via DowntheShoreWithJen]



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2 responses to “Wildwood is Not the Next Avalon. Really.

  1. katie

    Ouch! What’s with the hate? Seems this blog needs a name other than “Shoretalken.”

  2. redbed

    Juan Pablo’s is owned by a Wildwood local, and has been pulling down decent business for the 4ish years it’s been open…I give him (Paxton) props for successfully repurposing what once was a biker bar, where the bathroom doors were plastic dollar store shower curtains (to fit more people in on the crack deal going down).

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