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Public Urination In Seaside Reaches All Time High Over Memorial Day Weekend

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Over the Memorial Day Weekend, 118 arrests were made in Seaside Heights, 31 of which were for public urination. Police attributed the packed weekend, and moreover packed bathrooms, to beautiful weather and extra watered-down draughts at Bamboo. I know that corner next to the pay phone seemed like a great location to pee, but seriously guys, there is a reason the bar is next to the Ocean, and it’s not for the view…
Do your best to find a stall if you’re heading down this weekend, and for your own safety, don’t stand under any balconies after midnight.
Asbury Park Press: They Pee Freely [via Jersey Shore Party Scene]

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Tommy Cheeseballs Has 2255 Friends On MySpace And Is Still Raging In Seaside Heights. You Got A Problem With That?

We cannot say what exactly made us think to go looking on MySpace for Tommy Cheeseballs. (And before we go any further, yes, he calls himself that.) I suppose you could say that we were pondering what makes a Shore Legend most. And in this case, Tommy, whom you may remember from the classic MTV True Life Jersey Shore episode, is a modern day Jersey GOD. And he’s still kickin’ it — Seaside Style, baby:

Some of my interests include: 1. Going down to “the Shore” every weekend during the summer. 2. Getting drunk on weak girly shots like kamikazes and sex on the beach at Temptations and Merge. 3. Cutting the line and threatening people at the cheeseball stand. 4. Waxing poetic about “the Shore” when I’m drilling through two foot thick concrete and freezing my ass off at my awful job during the dead of winter. 5. Insulting people by saying that they’re a member of the “dickie-do” club. That means that their stomach sticks out further than their dickie do.

Should we friend dude up? We kinda dickie-don’t dare.
MySpace: Tommy Cheeseballs


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