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He Did Not Know When to Fold ‘Em

So, say you’re headed down to the Taj Mahal (which, who knows, might be a Disney casino by year out with the way things are going), and all you want to do is play poker. You find a spot at what looks to be a lucky table but someone else has takes the spot.

What do you do? This guy stabbed the offending seat taker.

Gives a new meaning to “holding.”


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Jimmy Buffet Determined To Bend All Of The World’s Beaches To His Indomitable Will

Just after we posted about The Official Beer Of Parrotheads cropping up at the Jerz Shore, more news comes about He Whose Dudeness Cannot Be Smoken Spoken: The former Trump Marina in Atlantic City is becoming a Margaritaville. Margaritaville patrons can look forward to a veritable Disneyland for Parrotheads, and the vibe is sure to alter AC’s hardened state of consciousness with mucho mongo Buffet vibes and product tie-ins. (We’re guessing that Margaritaville will be serving all three kinds of food: Chicken, shrimp and salsa.) With the casino, of course, also comes the Marina, and for that, Coastal Marina, the purchasing group, has paid the Trumps $316 million for it, and that, friends is not a mellow sum. No word on when the flip is happening, but you’ll probably know it when this blog goes dead and all cell phones go straight to a totally sweet steel drum voicemail message.
PressofAC: Blown Out Flip-Flops In AC Need Worry No More
Margaritaville: It’s Not A Marketing Juggernaut, It’s A State Of Miiiiiiiind, Dude


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