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Dept. Of Cover Bands: The Mysterious Power Of “Your Love”

We were standing around at The Princeton in Avalon the other night, waiting for “Live Band Karaoke” to begin. (Oh, you haven’t heard about this? It’s when a cover band sets up and instead of hearing the singer sing “Santaria” by Sublime, YOU get to do the honors. Never let it be said that Shoretalken is afraid of full straight-world immersion in the service of a post.) Anyway, the excitement was palpable in the room. And when Eleven Eleven took the stage to get the evening underway, what tune did they choose to put folks in the right frame of mind, you know, to set this Live Band Karaoke thing off right? Why, it’s quite obvious: “Your Love” by The Outfield. And suddenly, a thread began to emerge: We realized that every last Shore bar we’ve been to this year has pumped this jam, whether it be via DJ, cover band or karaoke. And we had to wonder: Why “Your Love?” Why now? And why does every cover band change the lyrics from “you know I like my girls a little a bit older” to “you know I like my girls a little a bit YOUNGER”? Because that, guys, is especially creepy. It just is. Stop it. Anyway, we really, really wanted to know why “Your Love” is howling down from 1985 all summer long, acting like it was “Lip Gloss” or “Umbrella.” Fortunately, the song’s Wikipedia page puts it all in recent-historical context…
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