These are exciting times for the shore. Every few weeks, we here at Philebrity.com hear something about how the Shore is re-inventing itself. Maybe it’s the flash and opulence associated with Atlantic City’s newest spots. Or maybe it’s the upgrade of places you already loved, like The Princeton in Avalon or Congress Hall in Cape May. But we won’t lie: As true blue Philadelphians, we loved going down the shore even before it cool (again). And we know you call us shoobies. It’s OK. In fact, we’re here to celebrate you.

Launching just after Memorial Day — the traditional-but-unofficial beginning of summer for anyone who’s ever popped into the car and motored down the Atlantic City Expressway in search of cool waves — Shoretalken.com is the new daily beachgoing blog from the gang at Philebrity.com. Covering the area generally known (and hotly debated) as “The Shore,” Shoretalken.com will blog daily about happenings, gossip, great tips, nightlife, food and anything else going on from Long Beach Island to Rehobeth. (With many, many frequent stops in Avalon, Atlantic City, Cape May, Sea Isle City, Ocean City, Somer’s Point and all points in between.) Shoretalken.com will also feature original video and photo content, as well as some good laptop beach reading for when somebody finally comes out with a sandproof laptop — plus an events calendar and restaurant guide! Edited by longtime Shore expert and author Jen A. Miller, and augmented by the rest of the irreverent beach bums on the Philebrity staff, Shoretalken.com is your daily online source for all things Shore.


Send all tips to shoretalken[at]gmail[dot]com.
Send all ad queries and other questions to ruth[at]philebrity[dot]com.



· Shoretalken.com will be launching under the growing network of Philebrity blogs, and also be heavily promoted from the extremely popular main portal at Philebrity.com. As such, content will frequently be cross-posted, and promotions (ticket giveaways, contests, etc.) can run across whichever sites they’re relevant to.
· Sponsored content opportunities are available on Shoretalken.com, from video segments to listings pages to dedicated pages for special promotions (I.e. shoretalken.com/congresshall). 
· Shoretalken.com will be running regular, in-house produced video segments on a variety of food and drink related topics, as well as snapshot guides and profiles of local businesses and movers and shakers. We’re always looking for suggestions for these.
· In addition to weekly video content, Shoretalken.com will always be on the lookout for tips, gossip, breaking news, photos and interviews from the Shore communities. 
· Ditto for nightlife and food events such as concerts, club nights, appearances and special offers
· In continuing with Philebrity.com’s tradition of producing concerts and other nightlife events (dance parties, film screenings), Shoretalken.com will also produce, host and promote events with like-minded partners in the various Shore towns. Got an idea? We’d love to hear it.



Like Philebrity.com, Shoretalken.com will have 3 standard ad sizes available to advertisers. They are:
Skyscraper: Top of page, beneath masthead, 728x90px, gif or flash files acceptable. ($600/month)
In-Text: After 3rd and 5th posts, 400x300px, gif or flash files acceptable. ($450/month)
Blogads: Right column, 150x200px, gif (under 16kb) or flash files acceptable. ($175/month)

 As always, discounts are available for multiple bookings, be they across our growing network of sites, or for restauranteurs with more than one venue to promote. In addition, Philebrity.com offers a standard 10% discount to all non-profit groups. 


jenJen A. Miller is a freelance writer and author of The Jersey Shore: Atlantic City to Cape May. Her articles have appeared in The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Psychology Today, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Allure, Woman’s Day, USAirways Magazine and New Jersey Monthly among others. Jen is also an avid runner and reader. She lives in Collingswood, N.J. with her dog, Emily.
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