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Off the Boardwalk in Atlantic City

Harrah\'s Exterior

Shoretalken is staying at the new Waterfront Tower at Harrah’s in Atlantic City (for work — WE SWEAR). Lessons learned over 24 hours:

1. The best view of the Pool at Harrah’s during the day is from the gym. That way, you can stare at the hot hot wait staff and people who could probably use a mirror, all from behind glass and palm trees.

2. Cover bands aren’t so bad. Last night’s group at Eden was lead by a guy who you know totally drives and van and spends weekends working on his lawn.

3. Always carry a camera. If we took our own advice, this post would have started with a picture of the 80 something couple decked out in matching white pants grinding to said cover band doing their best Marvin Gaye.

4. The Xhibition Bar makes for good Phillies viewing…if you don’t want to hear the game. They put on the NBA finals last night. Whatever, dude.

5. As much as Atlantic City markets itself to younger folk (or at least that’s what they say), the bread and butter of these places is still little old ladies with various shades of blue hair.

6. The Waterfront Buffet is not open every day for breakfast. Dammit.

Shoretalken editor Jen A. Miller will be twittering from tonight’s Brett Michaels event at the Pool at Harrah’s. No, she’s not a Poison fan (at least not that we know of) but going more to see who’s goin to shell out $25 for this. She says, at least.

If you want to follow along, click here.


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He Did Not Know When to Fold ‘Em

So, say you’re headed down to the Taj Mahal (which, who knows, might be a Disney casino by year out with the way things are going), and all you want to do is play poker. You find a spot at what looks to be a lucky table but someone else has takes the spot.

What do you do? This guy stabbed the offending seat taker.

Gives a new meaning to “holding.”

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Put a Spork in It

Dear Atlantic City:

We know you’ve got problems — disappearing mayors, dead prostitutes, Pinnacle. But why in Jebus would you want to move the Knife & Fork? Forget that World War I monument — the Knife and Fork is a true AC landmark with in wacked out pink Flemish building, with its former speak easy status and that kick ass front bar. It’s the only thing worth looking at when you come into AC via the White Horse Pike. So leave it be, will you? Though we’re not too concerned knowing how things have been going of late. If the Borgata can’t even open its new tower by Memorial Day weekend, we can’t see how you guys will pull this one off. Ever.


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