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He Did Not Know When to Fold ‘Em

So, say you’re headed down to the Taj Mahal (which, who knows, might be a Disney casino by year out with the way things are going), and all you want to do is play poker. You find a spot at what looks to be a lucky table but someone else has takes the spot.

What do you do? This guy stabbed the offending seat taker.

Gives a new meaning to “holding.”


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Wildwood Stuck In Metaphysical Funk As Early Memorial Day Plays Mind Games With The Populace In General

Everything is open now — it has to be, seasons rage on, we cannot change back once the clicker has ticked forward — but it still feels strange. If you’d gone to the Wildwood Boardwalk as we did last Wednesday eve around 6pm, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d accidentally stepped into the subconscious of Bruce Springsteen circa 1975. With Memorial Day weekend just hours away even then, the boards were populated with two categories: One we shall call, in deference to The Boss, “Madmen, Strummers & Bummers” and another we shall call, “People With Saws.” Touch-ups everywhere, a Waiting For Godot-esque feeling of some kind of pending activity, and whoever was in between, well, I think we all just fell into the former category by default. We saw arcades is alarming states of disrepair. We experienced ATM machines that were unplugged from their telephone lines. We saw two seagulls madly procreating just above a neglected t-shirt stand. It was dreamlike, and sad. And maybe there was a lesson here. You can build and fix and stroll and panhandle all you want from the Gods of the Sun: But you know what? You just can’t make summer come.

[Photo credit: Shoretalken Photo Desk]

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And Now, A Word From Lord Whimsy About Your Turtle Friends

turtleSweet Babies:
On your travels in my beloved marshy homeland, please be mindful that it is mating season for aquatic turtles right now, and that they will be crossing the roads, particularly the causeways out to the barrier islands. The bay behind Sea isle City has a ton of diamondback terrapins, so be especially careful there. Any injured turtles should be taken to the Wetlands Institute, which is also on the causeway to Sea Isle City.

One final thing: snapping turtles are everywhere right now, too. Now, most people don’t know how amazing these beasties are: they’ve existed in their current for for the past 200 million years (we’ve only been around 3.5 million), and are the ancestor of 80% of all turtle species. They are also delicious with sherry.

After the jump, Whimsy advises on how best to handle a snapping turtle. The more you know! Continue reading

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