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Landshark Lager: The Least Distasteful Beer Of An Entire Generation Of Mutant Beach Juice

Landshark Lager: You probably only know about it if you’ve spent over $100 dollars in your life on things by, or related to, Jimmy Buffet. Which is a whole other conversation. But we’ll be honest: We’ve tried Miller Chelada. We’ve tried Bud Light Lime. We are no strangers to the mutant summer beer trend. And this is the only one that does not taste like Lime Dorito Dust sprinkled inside old flat beer in a Solo cup. Perhaps it’s the niche markets we’ve notice Landshark in as well, for there is a very prominent power of suggestion thing going on here: Come to think of it, we’ve never had one of these while wearing shoes. What beverage can we say that about? But anyway, yeah: Landshark Lager. Don’t be afraid of it. In some instances, it may even be the only smart choice.



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