Does It Count? The People Speak On The LBI Line

Our fearless shore leader got in a bit of a scape with the commenters on this blog when she made her case as to why LBI is part of the Central/North Jersey shore and not the South Jersey shore.

Given that we employ her, we have to lean in her direction. Given arguments on both sides of the line, we’ll state the case for both:

LBI is North Jersey:

  • Called “The Poor Man’s Hamptons”
  • More Yankees and Mets fans than Phillies fans, an alliance rivaled only by Wildwood (though Wildwood NY fans are haters from North Philadelphia)
  • Above the Atlantic City Expressway
  • Not a traditional Philadelphia vacation spot

LBI is in South Jersey

  • South of I-195
  • Has beaches within towns with silly names
  • All of Medford vacations there
  • Look at a map

Comment away.

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4 responses to “Does It Count? The People Speak On The LBI Line

  1. Our rental property in Beach Haven West ( at the foot of the LBI causeway gets hits from Philly and NY/North Jersey.

    Our basic cable gives us both the NY and Philly stations. I think route 70/72 really is the cutoff.

    North of LBI is North/Central Shore, South of LBI is South. LBI is right in the middle.

  2. T Kup

    I grew up in Manahawkin (the town hosting the bridge to LBI) and I have never in my life considered myself a part of North Jersey. However, going to school in Toms River, I can attest that the difference in South-North orientation between the 20-some mile distance between those two towns (both in Ocean County) is drastic. If you must, please consider LBI Central Jersey, but not North. In recent years, more New Yorkers have been infiltrating LBI and leaking down from the Seaside area. As much as I despise the tourists from the Cherry Hill/Philadelphia area, I must say, the New Yorkers are the the plague.

  3. jennyo

    As someone who has been going to LBI all her life, working all through college serving vacationers at the Beach Haven Acme, I can attest: A lot of New Yorkers go to LBI. So do a lot of Canadians. And people from Ireland keep the hotels clean, and the bike shops and Wawas staffed. People from Mexico help keep the restaurants open and the store shelves stocked. I wouldn’t say it’s predominately New York at all. Like you said, just look at a map. No one would argue that Shamong is in South Jersey, and yet it’s north of Long Beach Island.

  4. David

    I also spent most of my summers there working at the Acme, waiting tables at several restaurants, even saying “go” on the waterslides. LBI shouldn’t be considered either North Jersey or South Jersey, as it is an island and not connected to the mainland … It’s ‘the shore’ and the best beach on the east coast.

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