First-Ever Top Ten Jersey Beaches List Hypes Up Some Out-Of-The-Way, Underground Place Called “Wildwood”

Wildwood, NJ, we’re loving your moxie these days. Time was — and by that we mean just a few years ago — if you’d have asked us what Best-Of lists Wildwood would appear on, we would have been like, “Hmm, let’s see: Places to Get Stabbed, Places to Get A Tattoo You May Not Even Remember Getting The Next Day, Places To Buy A Racist T-Shirt To Fit Any Racial Prejudice At All.” But not now, baby! Woo! Last Thursday, the New Jersey Marine Sciences Consortium announced its first-ever Top 10 Jersey Beaches list. And the voters have spoken. Now, the fact is, Wildwood only got 14% of the popular vote, making it something of the George W. Bush of NJ beaches. But you know what? We won’t quibble, George (and Wildwood) likes to party. Rest of the list after the jump.

1. Wildwood
2. Wildwood Crest
3. Ocean City
4. North Wildwood
5. Cape May
6. Asbury Park
7. Avalon
8. Point Pleasant Beach
9. Beach Haven
10. Stone Harbor

Truth is, Wildwood’s beach — just in terms of epic, wild beach-ness — is kind of mindboggling. It looks the desert in Ishtar. It just goes on forever. And like our grandmothers and grandfathers before us, it may not be the Rivieria… but we’ll take it. What, No AC?


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