Atlantic City Update: The “ACES” Train Is My Hot Hot Sexy

· There is some kind of cosmic justice in the fact that, on an express train from New York City to Atlantic City, there is but one stop: Newark. Damned if we can fish out what it all means, though. You’ll have to wait until early ’09, though, to find out for yourself. That’s when the “ACES” train starts running. Yes. It’s called the ACES TRAIN. [AP/AtlanticCityNJ]
· In vaguely related news, The Killers‘ August show at the Borgata sold out in the time it would take you to think to yourself that these young men should not even be allowed in the AC area, lest they steal so frightfully from Springsteen again. [YouTube]
· And finally: CSS — err, that would be Brazilian pop group/apparent neon BMX gang Cansei De Ser Sexy — is playing AC this summer. We have nothing to add except, yes. One thousand times yes. [NME]


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